We need your help in the Town Centre! Saturday 10 June, 10:30am – 12:30pm

FREE Creative Corner - Pokemon/Yu-gi-oh, Minecraft, Dr Who, Mini Tattoos, Gems etc.

Wilbury Community Forum& Youth Council FREE Creative Corner

FREE creative fun, make and create Pokemon bookmarks, door hangers etc. Design or graffiti your own style or Minecraft/Pokemon inspired tshirt, take a turn on our free Lucky Dip and you may win your own mini gift or Pokemon figure to take home, win Yu-Gi-Oh/Dr Who/Pokemon cards on our free mini Pokemon skittles.

Mini temporary body art and tattoos.

All materials supplied free whilst stock last............

BAG A BARGAIN on our fund-raising stall - gems, Pokemon, trading cards, toys and gifts for all at incredibly low prices!

Run by WCF & their Youth Council

Sponsored by Down Memory Lane (thanks George and Lin)


Sponsored by Davids Bookshop & David's Music (thanks Paul)


Sponsored by Immy Blackburn-Horgan & family

Location: Letchworth Town Centre

Free entry

Let me know if you can help, just turn up for ½ an hour, thanks, Immy Blackburn-Horgan



March 2017 update

At the March cafe, Councillor Gary Grindal presented badges to the new Joint Co-ordinators of Wilbury Community Forum Youth Council - a big welcome and thank you to all the new volunteers!

Another huge thank you to Charlie, who has been providing fantastic support as part of his Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award.

And an ENORMOUS thank you to the founder and co-ordinator of the Youth Council, Immy Blackburn-Horgan, who will be stepping down next month and handing over to the new crew.  Immy's amazing energy and commitment has inspired us all!

Finally, when the badges were presented at the March cafe, Gary was assisted by Sarah Royston.  Sarah had her baby the next day - making little Alfie the youngest member, and new official mascot, of the Wilbury Youth Council!

Wilbury Community Forum – Youth Council (Report to the AGM on 17.09.16)

Hi all this last year has been an exciting year for the Youth Council. We hit 30 members who all do as much or as little as they want and this seems to be working well. Some come to the Café, some run fund-raising stalls/tombola’s, some help at events, some just come along and have fun joining in the free activities with their friends/family.

This last year just to tell you a couple of our successes; we have regular fund-raising with donations from my family and these are run at the Cafe by 3 key Youth Council members with their mum plus 3 more ad hoc young people and they have been helping raise some pennies for the Café and offering fun activities for the visitors. Lordship School continue to donate goods from their Fairs and they are recycled to families via the Café.  We have donated sack loads of new and pre loved goods to the Pennies & Pounds and Book Library stalls with help from our family, friends and neighbours. 

My family and I organised 2 events for WCF at the Letchworth Festival and 2 WCF Volunteers and 1 YC member joined us and ran stalls which were a real success.  Alongside this was a Herts Music/Youth Music £500 in kind donation providing a fab free Recycled Instrument drop in at the Festival. Over 200 visitors dropped in to the events and we were able to promote what WCF does and even recruited a new Volunteer too WOW!

I was asked to nominate a key member for the Comet Awards cheeky I put in 2 (could have put in loads more as so many people are brill helpers) - Sarah who out of hundreds of nominations got selected and down to the final 4 and was invited to the Award Ceremony plus Jessica won the Young Achiever Award for her work on WCF Youth Council RESULT!

Immy Blackburn-Horgan

Joint Co-ordinator – Youth Council

Wilbury Community Forum