Our history: the content of our first website, by Immy Blackburn-Horgan

Wilbury Community Forum (WCF) 

Is alive and well, and we have our own webpage too!

Unveiling of WCF Notice Board from Councillor Lorna Kercher's Locality Funding (Supported by Tesco)


Some of our events, those we ran, those we helped with or those locals did off their own back, you will find them listed below:

If you want to join in, or add an event of your own, or have ideas for future events... just pop along to a Community Cafe & Information Hub, come to a meeting, dig at the sensory garden/an allotment, drop us an email! wilburycommunity@gmail.com

S T O P   P R E S S ....................................................................

WCF Cafe and Information Hub 2016 Dates for your diary .........................

Saturdays 10.45 - 12.30

Wilbury Hall back of St. Thomas's opposite Tesco Express Bedford Rd Letchworth Garden City

16th Jan / 20th Feb / 19th March / 16th April / 21st May  

June no Cafe we will be at Letchworth Festival

16h July Summer Fair - book a free stall sue.lines@ntlworld.com

17th Sep / 15th Oct / 19th Nov

17th Dec Winter Fair - book a free stall sue.lines@ntlworld.com

** Last Cafe - WINTER FAIR ** - SAT 12th Dec 10 -12.30 Wilbury & St. Thomas's Halls Bedford Rd

It was such a success lots of WCF Forum members, Youth Council, family, friends, community groups / organisations and neighbours helping, attending or spending their pounds - thanks everyone for brill support "AWESOME"!


NEW Exciting Digital Music Youth Group run by New Youth Foundation Workshop

From 1st December 2015 through all of 2016

Tuesdays for 9 - 16 year olds 5pm - 7pm Scout Hall Icknield Road

For more info see https://www.facebook.com/nyfworkshop/


XMAS Panto & Party for Wilbury Ward children & young people-12th December

Sponsored by NHDC, Councillor Lorna Kercher, Tesco Express Bedford Rd, Hertfordshire Masons, David's Bookstore, Norton Finance & Green House Market YEAH!

Imajica Theatre Company paid to organise event

With support from New Youth Foundation Workshop & by WCF & our Youth Circle (formally Council)

It was a fantastic afternoon for families in Wilbury Ward, held locally thanks to Fearnhill School

Thanks for attending and supporting Saturday 21st November 12.30pm


Great news to share - 3 new Trustees recruited

The Youth Council feed back, from the Cafe before the AGM they had 7 new young people expressed an interest in joining - AMAZING!



   Always wonderful free cuppa & cakes from Jane & the volunteers


Sat 12th December 10-12.30 Winter Fair & Cafe (free stalls were available)

Contact sue.lines@ntlworld.com to book a free stall for community groups/charities and local businesses


WCF Awarded £1,500 Aug 2015 by NHDC to run the Healthy Hart Dance & Wellbeing Workshops for young people

Imajica Theatre Company have been given the full grant so therefore comissioned to deliver the project and amazingly they aim to add to the project (with additional workshops given by them for free in 2 local schools- they aim if possible to make this 100% matched donation whilst offering Imajica the opportunity of promoting what they can offer to the schools & local families)


Jessica & James Hart made the presentation with Heather Hart & Sue Lines


** NEW FACE BOOK PAGE **   https://www.facebook.com/Wilburycommunityforum/


Laser Tag Tastic Day had by all on Sunday 19th July - Thanks Teamworks Letchworth


** Success - Dump The Junk - Joint Recycling Event **  10-2 Saturday 11th July

On key roads in Wilbury Ward  -  Emailed comment from a Neighbour .................

"Hi, iv just witnessed your ' clear out your junk' in my road & I'd like to say what a great project. Cant believe the amount of junk there was out in the street. Thank you to all of you who gave up your time. Looks like it was a great success. Thank you"

WCF & WCF Youth Council supported by Veolia, NHH, HC, NHDC, 7th Letchworth Scouts, Councillor Lorna Kercher (St. Thomas's)


SUCCESS WITH OUR SUMMER FAIR - Sat 18th July all was enjoyed from extras - Toy Sale

Imajica Theatre Company paid to provide activities

Activities raising money for other Charities

Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living ran FREE Workshops Arts/Crafts/Movement for all

Councillors, BS Credit Union, free cuppa/cakes/crafts/knitting/books/Wilbury Uniform Stall Charity + Community + Business Stalls / FREE Mini Bike MOT etc.

Was a chnce to chat to Wilbury Community Forum Chair, Trustees and Volunteers

Biology Blast free edible DNA/Cells and DNA mini sand bottles - thanks to support of Society of Biology

Small local business were able to book a free stall



1/ FREE EVENT -  BIOLOGY BLAST Saturday 13th June 2015 34 Leys Ave/IAAG The Wynd

Free Edible DNA/Cell making/Darwins survival of the fittest/15 making and doing activities                                  + Biology rap make and sing a song in an hour

WCF Youth Council member Darragh plus Comet Role Model of 2015 was making DNA paracord keyrings

Sponsored by  & supporting WCF Family

Supported by LGC Heirtage Foundation/ARCH/Imperial Arts Audio Gallery/New Youth Foundation Workshop

2/ YOUTH COUNCIL -  Tamsin & Reegan are joining Immy as Joint Co-ordinators and other members have official roles now

Tamisn & Reegan were awarded a Community Award by Mr Whelan Head at Fearnhill School for their Youth Council work :-)

3/ Lancaster Volkswagen Letchworth have sponsored "FAB" T-shirts for all our WCF Youth Council Members



Breaking News ..... Let us see your Wilbury Ward pets or not as closing and using other Facebook Page set up above - why not put your pets on there? :-)

Any lost lets try to help each other find (Thanks Kim Digital Media Manager)

2 successes so far in Wilbury helped find 1 cat & actually found 1 dog!

Feel free to just post photographs of your pets see:

Facebook and add after .com   /groups/700245056741509/


1/ PPF Photography Exhibition  Dec 2014  Until  30th January 2015 

Letchworth Arts Centre Foyer Gallery


PPF Digital Photography Exhibition

Official Photographer to Wilbury Community Forum - Previous Exhibition 18th Dec 2014 - 9th January 2015

LAUNCH EVENT HELD 18/12/14 at IAAG The Wynd - Opened by Athur Jarman President Howard Rotary

& Wendy Gooda Marketing Director Altius

There were free Craft & Christmas Activities for families - provided by Immy

Artist was in residence from Collett Art - Making free flip cartoon books & drew cartoons 

Published Wilbury Ward Poet John Gohorry made poems with all ages for Xmas

Darragh, Jessica, James and Immy (some of our young members) ran arts, crafts and T-shirt making

LIVE MUSIC by Digital Artist - Elliot Greenfield of Imperial Audio


VENUES - The Wynd Letchworth Garden City  SG6 3EN

Imperial Arts Audio Gallery

Next door on offer was family activities, painting & crafts - Craft Cocoon plus other lovely shops on the Wynd

The Exhibition was in IAAG The Wynd Letchworth SG6 3EN

Another exciting Letchworth project, thanks all (for more info email ingrid.horgan@yahoo.co.uk)


2/ Community Cafe - What a Success

2015 - 18th July (Mini Bike MOT)

It was get your bike road worthy at our July 2015 Cafe thanks to Frank



Thanks for all your support ..........

Held on 13th Dec 2014 with Xmas Fair & Local Business/Charity Stalls etc.


Saturdays at St. Thomas' Hall Bedford Road opposite Tesco Express

10-12.30 once a month

Started Sat 18th Jan 2014 and as they have been such a hit (thanks all for coming) we will be carrying on into 2015 now

Thanks to St. Thomas's, HC, NHH, LGC HF, Hertfordshire Masons, Round Table, NHP and Khalsa Football Academy, Fearnhill plus Wilbury & Icknield Schools, Icknield Children's Centre etc. for supporting us in setting up the Community Cafe & Info Hub plus associated activities of WCF

All free - drinks and homemade cakes, craft table, creative activities, sometimes Warhammer, Book Lending Library to keep/share or return, Councillors Surgery,  Black Squirrel Credit Union, Butterfly K knitting drop in, games such as chess/cards  (pre loved clothes and items for sale at bargain pennies and pounds prices) watch this space for news + Wilbury School pre loved Uniform Stall 50p per item (shoes, uniform etc.) every other month free Bike MOT


For more info-to get in touch email wilburycommunity@gmail.com / ingrid.horgan@yahoo.co.uk




Thanks to the talents and donation of time - Gavin Hart




WCF - Nominated for a Herts Flame Award 2014



Previous Cafe - Sat 15th November 10-12.30

We had - a free Art Trail & Lucky Dip by Collette Art

Councillor Surgery, BSCU & Bike MOT etc.

11th October Cafe & Info Hub with TTL Apple Pressing & free activities was a great success


Find out more about Transition Town Letchworth http://www.ttletchworth.org/


Thank you our group of fantastic volunteers we have over 50 now + young people below (NHP)!

3/ We have built a Sensory Garden (NHP & WCF)

See   https://spacehive.com/achildsdream


The aim was to build it, film it, make music in it and go on to develop 

A Greening Wilbury Project 

Greening initiatives led by Sue Lines Chair & Arjun Chopra BA (Hons) Architecture



55+ (actually 70) volunteers from 7- 70 years old - amazing! 

32+ groups/org working together to build/paint/plant

Volunteers giving over 300+ hours in 3 months! Supporting Immy




Funding bid supported by NHP & NYFW


Also supported by our stars



Arch Community Group

Collett Art, the Craft Cocoon & Hush Street & Aerosol Artist

 https://www.facebook.com/craftcocoon    /    http://www.enjoygram.com/oghush


CAB/Cumberlows/Growing People/Herts Masons/Meet Up Hitchin/NHCVS/Rhythms/Saracens Dance/St. Thomas'/Luke J Gardener Street Life/TTL/Da Vinci/Lifegeta/Herts Dis Cricketers Ass/Jewsons & too many more to list (see above and below)


Email us if you want to get involved in this or other projects, thanks

We also supported (NHP) In Bloom and Anglia in Bloom

with Icknield Infant School & Wilbury Junior School entering the competitions


First Supporters for the Cafe (there are more see Notice Board) & above & below

Howard Cottages  http://www.howard-cottage.co.uk/

North Hertfordshire Homes  http://www.nhh.org.uk/

Khalsa Football Academy http://www.thekfa.com/

All Seasoned Cafe Arts Centre Letchworth Fab food, great staff and always a warm welcome see  http://allseasoned.org/

Davids Books & Music Letchworth  http://www.davids-bookshops.co.uk/

Max Plathan Graphic Designer Letchworth  http://www.maxplathan.co.uk/

Chris Phillips Printers Letchworth  http://www.phillipsdigital.co.uk/news-website-launch

Lesley Bowden Healthy Planet  https://healthyplanet.org/

Nicky Duncan Bike trainer and road safety http://schoolofeverything.com/teacher/nickyduncan

LGC Heritage Foundation http://www.letchworth.com/heritage-foundation

Hertfordshire Masons/St. Albans Lodge/Round Table/North Hertfordshire Phoenix

Walkwell http://www.walkwel.co.uk/



4/ First Annual General Meeting

Held on Thursday 11th September 8pm - 9pm with refreshments & networking

St. Thomas's Hall Bedford Road Letchworth Garden City SG6 4DU

Recruited a new volunteer - what a bonus!!!!!


5/ News Item

Chair Sue Lines organised

This was a great hit thanks for your support (too many to thank sorry)

Tamsin, Reegan, Hailey & Immy (our young members) ran our raffle on the night making £90 fantastic!


6/ Wilbury Networking Group - Claire Morgan NHDC

A great new initiative giving a chance for all  organisations, groups, interested parties working in Wilbury Ward to meet to update on developments, future projects and ways to work together

Date for next meeting – contact Claire venue usually Wilbury School

Contact Claire for more information claire.morgan@north-herts.gov.uk

7/ Bedford Road Pre-school Play Group

Monday to Friday in term-time

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9.15am to 2.15pm

Tuesday and Thursday 9.15 to 11.45am

Working to a pre-school curriculum, the Playgroup offers a happy but orderly setting where children begin the learning process with a wide variety of toys, stories and activities.

Contact Karen Keighley tel 01462 624572

or St. Thomas' Church 

103 Bedford Rd, Letchworth Garden City SG6 4DU

01462 623119


8/ From Councillor Gary Grindal - New Youth Club come along anytime term time

Hi, I want to pass on some more news... Wilbury Youth Club (8 - 11 yrs) - unfortunately following a period of success this club ceased to operate just as the school summer holidays started, due in the main to funding issues. Following the election of Lorna as the Wilbury County Cllr I was keen to ensure that with her support we aim to get the youth club back up and running again. 

Great news looks like there is funding for this much needed Club. Child UK have it up and running Mondays term time contact:

Anyone interested in supporting, volunteering, sharing ideas on funding, feel free to get in touch via our main email above and will forward your details to Gary, or alternatively directly via gary.grindal@north-herts.gov.uk

9/ Thanks for supporting our first Summer Fair

Saturday 19th July 10 - 12.30 at St. Thomas' & Wilbury Halls  

Bedford Road  Letchworth  SG6 4DU

Lots was on offer from stalls, refreshments, activities, local businesses, a snake and our usual free activities for all

We were really pleased to see so many people, good to see you there ......

Wilbury School Uniform Stall raised money which is going directly back into Wilbury Ward activities

10/ Community Cafes & Information Hubs January - June 2014

Ran 6 successfully from January to June once a month, funding bids put forward to and awarded from HC, NHH, LGC HF, NHDC, Locality Funding to develop this resource and additional projects - we thank them and our partnerships with Khalsa Football Academy and smaller funding from Hertfordshire Masons, Round Table, our resourceful Pennies & Pounds and now Wilbury Uniform Stall etc. for supporting our community work in Wilbury Ward Letchworth Garden City. 

Past activities



Xmas Stall

St. Thomas' kindly allowed us to have a Stall at their Winter Fair and from toys and gifts donated (NHP) we raised over £100 to launch a Community Cafe & Information Hub to start in the New Year 2014.

28th November: 7.30pm WCF Meeting

17th October: 7.30pm WCF Meeting

Next stages of action for community initiatives and ideas

12th October: Apple Pressing Afternoon

Supporting Transition Town Letchworth Apple Pressing at St.Thomas's Church

Volunteers from WCF ran free children's activities (NHP), baked cakes and sold refreshments, helped with taking donations for TTL and had a great afternoon

September 19th: WCF Meeting

Update on community flyer, ideas and planning for October TTL Apple pressing at Wilbury Hall (St. Thomas')


July: WCF Community Survey

Kindly supported by North Hertfordshire College and organised by Polly Price who designed and printed up a brief community survey flyer

Flyer to distribute to local residents to see what was put forward as current needs

Sue, Immy, Ingrid & family took on distribution 

June 29th: Wilbury School Fair

  • WCF Stall at Wilbury School offering free arts and craft for families (NHP), plus information on WCF
  • Volunteers from Wilbury gave an hour or two on the stall to be part of the Fair

June 22: Letchworth Festival Community Day

  • WCF Stall in town offering free arts and craft for families (NHP), plus information on WCF
  • Volunteers from Wilbury gave an hour or two on the stall to be part of the Festival

June 22 - July 21: Free Poetry Trail


  • Trail from David’s Bookstore
  • Prize Draw: over 1K in gifts!
  • Produced and organised by Immy & family with the talents of Poets living in or linked to Wilbury Ward.
  • Supported by Wilbury and linked poets:
    • Cliff Ashcroff
    • Rionach Aiken
    • John Gohorry

June 18 Launch Meeting WCF

All were welcomed

  • Tuesday 18th June 2013 at 4:30 pm
  • St Thomas' of Canterbury Church, Bedford Road
  • The first meeting of the Wilbury Community Forum to talk about our community, meet our neighbours, listen to ideas and plan all sorts of interesting and exciting events

June 1: Young Persons Poetry Workshop 2


10-12 St. Thomas Church Hall Bedford Road for ages 8 to 18+

Run by Rionach Aiken, organised by Immy & family 


May/June: House Plant House popup shop

North Hertfordshire Phoenix (NHP)

  • During May/June NHP supported House Plant House (Rhapsode)
  • At 34 Leys Avenue in the Town Centre
  • Immy our resident young fundraiser is supporting Mindfulness, Rhapsode and residents with this project with over £500 donated in terms of monies, gift vouchers, time, skills and materials with thanks to you all above and those involved - also:
    • Heritage for space
    • Bikkerdikes for resources
    • Hendricks Decorators for skills
    • Businesses for donations in cash or kind
    • St. Francis’ College for our biggest cash donation!

29 May: Wednesday Digging Party- Food Share Scheme

Runnalow/Bedford Road Allotments

The team: Dot, Alex, Katherine, Geoff met with other allotment holders to dig over the site

WCF Barry, Peter, Sue, Ingrid & Immy offered assistance if wanted

Other volunteers offered assistance too with digging and delivery

They are really looking for the allotment holders of the future so if you want training, advice then go on to have a half or whole allotment then these may be the people to talk to


Also support or collect from our local Foodbank http://letchworth.foodbank.org.uk/

May 26: Picnic 12 midday - Food Share Scheme

  • Allotments on Bedford Road - Sunday May 2013
  • Dot Slater has been digging the 'food share plot' on the Bedford Road allotments with help from allotment holders and friends on a regular basis.
  • They got together for some socialising, drinks and snacks
  • Ground Works offering support and advice if wanted for the future developments

11 May: Young Persons Poetry Workshop 1 - FREE   

Free - (NHP)

Young Peoples Free Poetry Workshop set up by Immy & family with the support of Barry Pate, Vicar of Wilbury’s St. Thomas' of Canterbury, and Wilbury’s resident published poet John Gohorry




23 April 2013: IT For Grannies & Granddads   

North Hertfordshire Phoenix (formally Wilbury's got Talent)

IT and Cakes: tea and cakes and Information Technology for our older generation

Computers and the internet in action, residents of Wilbury got to try them out, ask questions of the experts Richard and Louis (giving their time, equipment and expertise for free), a chance for locals to meet and help others in our community



16 April 2013: all were welcomed

Meeting for anyone interested in getting things going in Wilbury Ward 

Letchworth Garden City Hertfordshire

Share ideas and support for current and future initiatives

28 February 2013: all were welcomed


Launch of Wilbury’s Talented (a working name) with 25 residents, organisations and Councillors invited to meet to review Wilbury Ward and consider positive ways forward to meet local need

Organised and supported by Sue Lines, Barry Pate, Polly, Peter, Ingrid & family



1/ Letchworth Action for Young People meet every other month and have a useful FB page


2015/2016 +


Watch this space!

Ideas for dev our Community Cafe

Use our Sensory Garden Pilot for a music & dance event

Dev a Wilbury Greening Project 

Digital Media Project & Web Development


WCF / Max Plathan / Gavin & Heather Hart / Hush Graffiti Artist & Fearnhill School

Greening Wilbury Ward (recycling) ...

Site set up by Richard Ross Langley & associated minor costs Immy Blackburn-Horgan

(Mine of Innovation & North Hertfordshire Phoenix)

WCF Banner designed by  Max Plathan & donated by Chris Phillips


Wilbury Community Forum Committee (WCF)


Chair                                         -      Sue Lines

Vice Chair                                -      Andy Frankland


Treasurer                                 -      Jane Bird

Secretary                                 -      Being filled

Member                                    -      Heather Hart

Member                                    -      Gavin Hart

Member                                    -      Sarah Royston

Member                                    -      Vic O'Leary

Member                                    -      Gary Grindal

                                                         (Councillor Wilbury Ward)

Members                                   -      Andrea

Link Member                             -      Immy Blackburn - Horgan

                                                          (Youth Circle (formally Council) Member)


NON COMMITTEE ROLES (currently under development and growth so may be changes to come)

Projects Director                         -    Ingrid Horgan

Publicity Officer                         -    Andy Frankland (Vice Chair)

Digital Media Manager              -    Kim Barratt

Business Initiatives                     -    Gavin Hart (WCF Official Photographer)

Gardening Initiatives                 -    Sue Lines (Chair) & Arjun Chopra

Refreshments Manager             -    Jane Bird (Treasurer)

Refreshment Supporters           -    Sherry Frankland, Bethan Bird, Dave Bird, Rosie Lane, Andy Lane, Darragh Lane,                                                            

                                                           Sorcha Lane & Steve Blackburn

Bakers Team                              -    Catherine Pond, Anne Pastiaux, Tracy Hibbert-Jones, Patricia Russell, 

                                                           Hannah Liddle, Wendy Hayland, Sherry Frankland, Jane Bird, Sue Lines, 

                                                           Rosie Lane,  Sorcha Lane, Joan Bolton  (Supporter Mrs Hone)

Creative Crafts Co-ordinators   -    Sarah Royston & Joanna Jefferson

Craft Activities Supporters        -    Elita Lewis, Dawn Dominic, Erica, Bridget, Immy & Ingrid

Wilbuy Uniform Stall & Pennies

& Pounds Managers                   -    Marion Wheatley & Linda Ford

Butterfly K Co-ordinators         -    Chris Taylor & Joan Bolton (Supporter Mrs Hone) Knitting Group

Schools Liaison Manager           -    Heather Hart (Trustee)

Book Lending Library              -     Andy Frankland (Vice Chair), Steve Blackburn, Paul Bolton & Youth Council Members

Stalls Co-ordinators                   -    Hayley Dudderidge & Sue Lines (Chair)

Monthly BSCU                           -     Gillian, David & co.

2 Monthly Bike Surgery            -     Frank Turner

Our thanks to                              -     St. Thomas's Team opening, closing, helping us with any queries & even cleaning!

Our thanks to                             -     Drop in volunteers doing art, cakes, crafts etc. too many of you to thank sorry.....

Watch this space for the work of our first Young Peoples - Youth Circle (formally Council)

Tamsin, Reegan & Immy - Joint Co-ordinators

Camron & James - Website Managers

Jessica & Sasha - Activity Managers

Hailey, Leosha, Summer - Press & Publicity Managers

Lola - Dance Co-ordinator


Ashtyn, Alex, Bethan, Charis, Charlotte, Darragh, Dylan, Hannah, Hilary, Imogen, Jayden, Joshua, Marion, Poppy, Sorcha, Tasha, Tyler, Juanita, Velna, Xander

                      Current Members  -    more to come!

(Taking the work of NHDC Phoenix Group members forward!)   


We always welcome more members, so get in touch if interested maybe just to volunteer for an hour?

email   wilburycommunity@gmail.com  or  ingrid.horgan@yahoo.co.uk

We would love to hear your ideas, have your input and are always keen to meet more people from our local area


Immy Blackburn-Horgan (young person)

Gary Grindal

Ingrid Horgan

Sue Lines

Barry Pate


Wilbury Community Youth Circle (formally Council)                                                                                     

  Sponsored by: 

  Arch Community Group http://www.arch.uk.com/community/?cat=4

  Society of Biology http://www.societyofbiology.org/

  Teamworks Karting & Lasertag                               http://www.teamworkskarting.com/track_location/letchworth-laser-tag/ 

  Lancaster Volkswagen Letchworth                              http://www.jardinemotors.co.uk/volkswagen/contact-us/80/lancaster-volkswagen-letchworth/

  Green House Community Market Station Road Letchworth






Founder - Immy


Alison, Alka, Autumn, Bethan, Brandon, Camron, Carolyn, Charlie, Darragh, David, Eira, Emilie, Eren, Hailey, Hannah, India, Isabel, James, Jessica, Jorgie, Juliette, Leosha, Lola, Lottie, Mia, Naomi, Reegan, Sasha, Sorcha, Summer, Tamsin, Victoria, Yuwa